About Living Archives

Founded in 1976, Living Archives is a 501 (c) (3) fiscal sponsor that helps documentary filmmakers fund their projects through contributions from individuals and grantmakers. It oversees the distribution of funds for new productions as well as archival preservation projects.

Among the institutions that have contributed to Living Archives’ films are the National Foundation for the Humanities, National Foundation for the Arts, NY State Council on the Arts, The Ford Foundation, The Sloan Foundation, The Mary Biddle Duke Foundation, The Tides Foundation, The Park Foundation, and The Fledgling Fund.

Living Archives is operated by award-winning documentary filmmaker D A Pennebaker, who has developed longstanding personal relationships with many well-known grantmakers and individual funders.

To contact Living Archives, please email living.archives@gmail.com

“Living Archives supports films that are about the real world and individuals capable of interesting and original expression. By funding and preserving this kind of filmmaking, Living Archives helps pass along a new kind of history for future audiences and filmmakers alike.”

– D A Pennebaker

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